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Our Trips: The Big 3

We run surf trips for Christmas, Easter and Summer at internationally renowned surf camps across Europe and elsewhere. These camps provide surf hire, entertainment, accommodation and anything you could wish for on a Surf Trip from skate ramps and beach volleyball to live music. They offer an idyllic escape to a beach paradise with perfect waves and an exciting post surf nightlife. Summer at internationally renowned surf camps across Europe and elsewhere.  Our trips are hugely popular and cater for all abilities from if you’ve never surfed before to if you’re a seasoned pro! Group activities and time spent together make the trips very social and are a great chance to meet new people.


Hear about our previous trips below…

Lourinhã, Portugal

Easter 2022

Last easter we went on a trip to Lorinhã, Portugal to check out what the Portuguese surf had to offer, it did not disappoint! On top of a ton of surfing, the week involved plenty of beach volleyball, skating, BBQs, nights out and fun group activities as well as a day trip to Nazaré, the home to some of the biggest waves in the world! Everyone who came agrees that it was a trip to remember and loads of new lasting friendships were made. Big shout out to underdog surf house who were super hosts and a great laugh. Check out the video edit of the trip below :))

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Newquay, Cornwall

Summer 2021

In summer 2021 we headed to Newquay for a week full of surfing, exploring, beach sports and sunsets. The vibes were immaculate. Everyone improved their surfing skills hugely and although most of us didn’t know many of the other people going on the trip we had a great time regardless and have been friends ever since!!

Molietes, France

Winter 2021

Over the christmas holidays in 2021, we flew to Molietes, France for great weather and a week of surfing. We stayed at Star Surf Camp which had skate ramps, Hammocks, live music, amazing food and some great nightlife! The week was super fun and loads of great memories were made :))

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