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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you surf in Sheffield?

The short answer is you can’t!  However, we’ll be running frequent weekend surfing trips to Scarborough as well as our three big trips of the year.  We’ll also have regular social events, and be doing activities in the Peak District - like rock climbing, hiking and swimming.  Surf Sheffield is a community for like-minded, enthusiastic people!

Are you a Uni of or Hallam Society?

We're neither!  We originally attempted to set up as a society, but were rejected because the University of Sheffield has a blanket ban on new sports societies, which has been in place for the last three years.  We decided to set up anyway, as an independent organisation.  We welcome members from both universities, as well as graduates, gap year-ers and other over 18s.

What if I've never surfed before?

Surfing is a great sport to get into and we're glad to welcome newcomers.  A lot of people find surfing nerve-racking on their first time, but we're here to make it as easy as possible for you to get riding on those waves. Our very own surf instructor, Jude, has been teaching beginners for two years now, and will be teaching a number of our committee team, as well as our members how to surf for the first time.  On our trips, there will be qualified instructors, teaching lessons of all abilities.  If you find you're not so keen on surfing, there will be loads of other activities going on at our trips and in Sheffield, like yoga, volleyball, climbing, social nights and hiking!

How much will the big surf trips cost?

We want to make our trips as affordable as possible, so that we can get as many people as possible into the surf lifestyle.  Whilst we can't give you an exact amount just yet, we're hoping to keep our trips starting at around £300 for members, which includes accommodation, yoga, breakfast, lunch, four dinners and events like an unlimited wine night!

We think this is great value for an unforgettable experience.  We will be able to confirm an exact price in the near future.

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