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Membership FAQ's

1. I've paid for my membership on the website, am I all set?

Not just yet - but thank you for buying your membership! To complete the process, you must make sure you complete the Membership Form. This will give us the info to ensure our insurance covers you as an affiliated member of Surfing England.

2. I've bought my membership and completed the membership form but haven't had any confirmation?

Thank you! If you've completed the membership form and paid then you're all set. Once a month (towards the end) we'll send out welcome emails. 

3. What do you mean I get insurance cover?

Surf Sheffield is a Member of Surfing England which provides Surf Sheffield members with Third Party Public Liability Insurance and covers you when surfing at an organised Surf Sheffield event anywhere in the world (except USA and Canada) up to £10 million pounds for the following disciplines: Shortboard, Longboard, Bodyboarding, Handplaining Stand Up Paddle Boarding on sea. However, the membership insurance does not include travel insurance, which must be obtained separately to join us on international trips.

4. Why is the membership £50?

As Surf Sheffield grows, last year we had over 200 members! costs inevitably grow too. Our core values include affordability and accessibility and we strive to keep the costs down. Please take advantage of our early bird discount scheme helping to make the club more affordable for our dedicated members. Our membership costs cover the running costs of the club including website domain, affiliation with Surfing England and subscriptions to forecasting tools such as Surfline. No profit is made and all the money is spent helping the club reach its aims and growing our community. We calculated that after processing fees from the website we would need 150 members again this year to cover running cost and budget for welcome packs & events and fuel. 

The idea is that by buying a membership, you're also investing into the development of your community and enables us to better 'give back' to you - we're thinking kit, gigs, socials and events and of course having money in the club account allows us to put deposits down for our trips earlier hopefully guaranteeing us the best spots!

5. What do I get from becoming a member?

Great question! Visit this page or the membership form for a full list of membership perks. This includes insurance cover, early-bird access to events & merch. Most importantly, club membership allows us to solidify as an official entity so we can continue to be a safe supportive environment for all salty souls from around Sheffield and beyond, now and into the future.

6. Why do you want to be a registered club under Surfing England?

As a registered club, we can ensure that our community is safe! We are not in any way affiliated to a University and therefore do not receive the same protection another society may receive. Surf Sheffield is set up as an unincorporated association meaning our amazing volunteer committee members take on the responsibility for any difficulties or debt the club finds itself in.  We feel it is very important to ensure that committee members and club members are properly insured to not only financially protect them but also to ensure that Surf Sheffield can continue to grow!

7. Do committee members have to pay too?

Yep! We've also bought our membership so we can be affiliated members of our national governing body for surfing (Surfing England) and ensured we are covered by the clubs sweet, sweet third party liability insurance too!

8. Thank You!!

We want to say a massive thank you to each and every one of you! You are the reason Surf Sheffield has evolved into such a remarkable and inspiring community. Surf Sheffield has evolved into something beyond our wildest expectations, we are humbled by your support and enthusiasm, and we can't wait to see what the 2023/24 season holds! Lots of Surf Love Always!

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