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Meet the Surf Sheffield Team

Where the Passion Begins

From people who have never surfed to instructors we are a diverse team with a range of talents and a shared love for the sea


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

This is your Team section. It's a great place to introduce your team and talk about what makes it special, such as your culture or work philosophy. Don't be afraid to illustrate personality and character to help users connect with your team.


Minh Bradshaw

Hiya, my name is Minh, and I will be President this year!


It has been such a journey to see the club grow, having founded it just two years ago, it's been incredible to meet and work with such amazing people.

We get told that what people love about surf is how friendly and inclusive the club is. The club's aim has always been to increase accessibility to surfing and build an outdoor, ocean-loving community around it.

I am proud to say that over half of the club had never surfed before joining, and I am excited to work with committee to get even more people in the ocean this year!


Vice President

Reef Dow

Hey guys, my name’s Reef, and I'm the vice president this year.


I’ll be working alongside Minh and the rest of the committee remotely from Leeds, helping organise and plan events for the coming year.


I’m going to be around in Sheffield and Cay Bay as much as possible, and helping to make next year the biggest for the society so far!!!

Stay psyched people xx



Will Robinson

Hi guys, my names William, I’m going into my 4th year in Aerospace Engineering and  I’ll be acting as your treasurer for this year.


I’m looking forward to seeing some new faces and getting involved with the club. 


I started surfing a couple years ago during covid and fell in love with the sport. Besides surfing, I like to run, climb or anything near water. 


Stoked to see you all back in Sheff x


Media Sec

Matt Richards

Hey I'm Matt, I'm going into my third year doing Geography and am going to be this years media sec!


I joined Surf Sheff in first year of uni and have met some great people and made some great memories.


I'm super exited to be on committee this year and hit up cayton bay as much as possible as well as encouraging more people to get involved with the society and start shredding! 🙌


Social Sec

Izzy Davies

Hey guys! I am Izzi and I am so excited to be one of your social secs this year! I am in my third year and I study architecture and structural engineering.


I have been in surf since my first year and loved every second! I am not great at surfing, so don’t be intimidated if you’ve never tried, once you get involved you’ll be hooked!! I have had some of the best nights with these guys! We’ve already started planning, this year is not one to miss!! 🛹🏂🪩👨‍🍳🤿🧘🎨🎷🧗‍♀️ 🥷


Get involved if you want a year filled with sunsets at bole hill 🌅, swimming and bbqs in CVP 🔅🌭🌊 and so so much dancing!!🕺💃  ~ whether it’s a salsa night, a bar crawl or to a guitar on a beach around a fire!


Lots of surf love! Can’t wait to meet you guys! ✨🌺🌊


Social Sec

Elliot T-B

Hi I'm Elliot, I'm doing Chemical Engineering and will be going into my third year. I'm going to be one of the social secs for surf this year and can't wait to get started!


I have some cool ideas I think everyone would enjoy and as the president of the wine soc we could see some collabs there!

I only joined surf last year but already feel like I'm part of the family, hopefully you guys will join us!!


Wellbeing Sec

Lloyd Heppell

Hey, my name is Lloyd and I’m going to be a 3rd year environmental science student! I am going to be your well being sec for next year and I’m excited to make sure everyone is welcomed and enjoying getting their surf on! I am going to work on making some surf families this year to help with inclusion in the society and feeling welcomed!

We are all a lovely bunch so I don’t think that will be an issue;)


I started surfing with the society and I’m about a year into my surfing life and I’m obsessed! I surf when I can and when Uni doesn’t get in the way! I’m so excited to be part of committee as I’ve had such a good time over the passed two years and I just want to spread the joy!


Trips Sec

Rory Searle

Hey guys my name’s Rory, I study History and Politics and I’ll be one of your trip secs this year.


I’ve surfed for a while but whether you want to surf every week or just come for socials every ability has fun with the club which is definitely the best society in Sheffield.

I can’t wait to get in the water with everyone in Cayton more regularly as well as get to other breaks on trips we have planned like to Morocco and Portugal, hopefully we’ll see you there!


Trips Sec

Josh Golledge

MONDO KUDO PUNGO! My fellow Pen-Guins !

I’m Josh, Trip sec for this year sorting out the gnarliest trips searching for the best waves all around the world (plans for Morocco and portugal don’t miss out)!

Surf Sheff is hands down the best society around, we’ll be getting regular trips to Scarbados and awesome socials with the friendliest team in Sheffield.

We know you’re all in need of some ocean love so surf Sheffield has what you need, grab your boards let’s get rippin 🤙🏾.


Oh yeah and I study biology to for the penguins and dolphins all around the world 🐧🐬🌏! Peace ☮️


Trips Sec

Annabel Moorland

Hey, my names Annabel and I study microbiology. I’m going to be one of your trip secs this year!

I’d never surfed before coming to uni but it was something I was always interested in giving a go. I joined the society in my first year and it was such a great decision because I absolutely love it and everyone in the society are so friendly and welcoming.

 I’m looking forward to organising some awesome trips abroad as well as plenty of weekend trips to Cayton and other locations!


Trips Sec

Maisie Bourne

Hi, my names Maisie, I study engineering and architecture and I'm going to be one of the trip secs for this year.


I've been surfing a few years and I cant wait to go surfing as often as possible and to share that experience and joy with as many people as I can, whether you’ve surfed before or not!


We’ll be scheduling trips within the UK whenever there are waves, as well as big trips in winter easter and summer, and hopefully everyone will feel encouraged to get involved and have fun because thats really what we’re all about :)


Trips Sec

Louis Lane

Hey everyone, I’m Louis, one of the trip secs this year. I’m going into my 4th year studying biochemistry.

Joining Surf Sheffield is definitely one of the best choices I’ve made at uni, meeting some incredible people and sharing insane experiences.

 From this year’s awesome trips to Fuerteventura and Portugal, the standard is high and I’m psyched to plan and share some awesome trips with you guys in the coming year! See you out there!


Sheff Hallam Surf Rep

Alice Heath

Hey, I’m Alice and I’m going into my 4th year at Hallam studying food and nutrition.

This is my first year engaging with Surf Sheffield and I’m really excited to be working with both societies to arrange bigger and better joint events and encourage people to give surfing a go!

I first tried surfing on trips with the society so it’s never too late to learn!

alice piccy.jpg


Megan Woods

Hey guys, I'm Megan and I will be continuing on as Secretary for this year.

Surf is a great society and it's only getting bigger and better.


I have met my best friends through Surf Sheffield and can't wait for all of you to come join us!

Outside of Surf I'm always up for a pint and a chat. Plus you'll always find me outside doing something. So don't be a stranger and say hello!!

Megan Woods.png

Charity Sec

Mikaila James

Hey, I’m Mikaila and I’m moving into my 4th year studying Structural Engineering and Architecture.

I’m so excited to be charity sec next year and raise money for some incredible charities such as surfers against sewage, expect to see gigs and other events in the future, stay tuned!


My friend introduced me to surfing a few years ago but I didn’t get started properly until going to Moliets in Summer with surf Sheff.

Being landlocked the society makes trips to the sea more accessible.. I never thought I’d be popping to the beach midweek from Sheffield of all places! 


I’ve met some amazing people through the society and it now feels like a family at uni so I’d highly encourage everyone to get involved this year :)

IMG_3028 (1).PNG

Stash Sec

Iris Lawrenson

Hi I'm Iris, I'm in second year and will be in charge of merch!

I have a passion for design and so am very excited to be restyling the society's logo as well as hopefully adding some fun extra stuff for peeps to buy ;)

I started surfing when I was 14, joined surf Sheffield last year and have loved it for it's inclusive attitude and fun holidays!

IMG_2156 (1).JPG

Committee Member

Alfie Bloor

Hi, I’m Alfie! I’m going into my second year as an environmental science student.

I’ll be on the general committee, so whilst I haven’t got a specific role I’ll be available to help out other committee members with running the society!


Committee Member

Finley Robins

Hi I'm Fin and I'm on committee this year.

I'm really looking forward to surfing with some new people and hopefully going abroad with the society again, last year's trip to Portugal was perfect!

Hopefully a trip down to Newquay some point soon as well! :)


Surf Sheff Advisor

James Sanderson

Hi Surf Sheffield! I'm James and I'll be acting as an advisor to Surf Sheffield this year.

After setting up the society in 2020 and a year as the vice president, I can see Surf Sheffield developing into the vision that we originally had!

Created from the ground up we forge our own path and take the shape that our members dictate; I'm here to provide a few words of wisdom (I hope!) so that can happen.


I'm looking to seeing you all and hopefully catching some waves in the upcoming year, surfs up!

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